Post conference update

May 18th: International Museums Day in Guatemala

Image by via Flickr

The ICOM conference was, for NATHIST and the Working Group a complete success. A review of the conference in general (at least from the NATHIST perspective) is at

The largest implication post-conference was the fact that the NATHIST-suggested theme for the 2012 International Museum Day “Museums in a Changing World”, was accepted by the ICOM Council. We will, of course, assist with preparations for the event, and it will be a springboard for other iniatives.

The conference was also a chance to liaise with the ICOM Ethics Committee, especially with our ongoing work creating the Code of Ethics for Natural History Museums. It’s been a long process, but good finally to be close to a finished draft. (Major thanks to everybody, especially Adrian Norris, their work.)

If people are intersted in contributing to ICOM NATHIST or to thinking around the ethics of natural history institions, please feel free to contact us.


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