New Project: ICOM Code of Ethics for Natural History Museums in Portuguese

Mzusp_logoThe Museum of Zoology at the University of São Paulo, with the the generous support of ICOM Brazil are engaging in a translation of the ICOM Code of Ethics for Natural History Museums.

The project, part of a program to make the Code as accessible as possible through translation into a number of languages, is being led by Profossora Isabel Landim, of MZUSP (Chefia Técnica da Divisão de Difusão Cultural), who is also Vice President of ICOM NATHIST. She is working closely with colleagues in both Brazil and Portugal to have it useable in both countries. The final version will reference Brazilian legislation, so as to be usable in the local context.

The original code, written in English, has already been translated into Spanish (versions in Castillian and South American Spanish). A Czech language version has also been created, and versions in French, German, Japanese and Mandarin.

We are extremely grateful to our colleagues who are involved with this project.

If you would like to work on a translation of the Code into your own language, please contact us at the following link:


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