Traditional Chinese of the Code of Ethics Drafted


National Taiwan Museum-newThe ICOM NATHIST Ethics working group is delighted to announce that the National Taiwan has created a Traditional Chinese version of The ICOM Code of Ethics for Natural History Museums, making the seventh language for the document.

National Taiwan Museum, the oldest museum in Taiwan, was established in 1908. Its collection and research focus on anthropology, earth sciences, zoology, and botany that are relevant to Taiwan. Through themed exhibitions, educational activities, publications, and various cooperation projects, the Museum devotes every effort to broaden visitors’ view of nature and culture, and to bring back the strong bond between people and the environment, the history and communities.

paleontology gallery

You can download the document on our Code of Ethics page . We are especially grateful to Mr. Chi-Ming Chen, Director of the Museum and Board Member of ICOM NATHIST, Josephine Hu, Chao-Ling Kuo and Kris Liu, who translated this document, and curators of the Museum who reviewed this important work.

As always, if you would like to translate the Code into a language that has not already been done, please get in touch with us directly using our contact form.



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